Never pick a rose

Ska sova nu och i morgon är det är det officeilt SOMMARLOV! Om jag somnar fort så blir det morgondag mycket fortare. Bra idé!

A rose so beauty and lovely
I could not bare it´s beauty, so I picked it
I wanted to own it, hold it in my hand
But now I am a murderer, It lies on the stone and fading away

Why wasn't I thinking, before it was too late
I had it for a second in my hand, it was locked and in my power
If I only had hold it and never picked it
It could have been in my hand forever
I should have let it stay free and happy

But I didn´t, because I just thinks for the moment
Never thinks of the consequences, Just I am happy for the moment
And gets what I want right now, Not thinking ahead

I am sorry my rose, that you had to die for me
So innocent so wonderful

I am so sorry


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